1405 Holdridge Terrace, 1407 Holdridge Terrace, 1409 Holdridge Terrace single family homes

Mayor Willcox called the workshop meeting to order at 6:30 pm in the Community Room at Wayzata 45 City Hall. Council Members present: Anderson, McCarthy, Mullin, and Tyacke. Also present: City 46 Manager Nelson, Director of Planning and Building Gadow, Management/Planning Intern Peters, 47 Director of Administrative Services Uram, and City Attorney Schelzel. Curt Fretham of Lake West 48 Development Co., LLC and Reid Schulz of Landform were also in attendance. 49 50 Mr. Gadow stated that in January of 2014, the City Council approved an application for a three (3) lot 51 subdivision, with conditions, of 1409 Holdridge Terrace by Lakewest Development Co, LLC. Lakewest CC_07212015 Page 3 of 311 DRAFT – CC WORKSHOP 07072015-3 1 Development Co, LLC has requested a workshop with the City Council to discuss a potential concept 2 plan for the lots on 1405 and 1407 Holdridge Terrace for a ten (10) unit detached townhome project. 3 These lots face the frontage road and the adjacent MnDOT ROW. Lakewest Development Co, LLC is 4 requesting City Council feedback as they determine whether to pursue a formal application. Mr. Gadow 5 said the area is guided for low density single family in the Comprehensive Plan, and zoned R-2A. 6 7 Mr. Gadow said that if this potential concept were to move forward, the application would need to include 8 a request for amendment to the Comprehensive Plan to Medium Density Multiple Family, a rezoning to 9 the medium density zoning category, approval of a replatting of the lots for the ten townhomes, design 10 review, and site plan review. 11 12 The Council provided feedback to Mr. Fretham and Mr. Schulz that the proposed concept plan had too 13 many units for the site and was out of harmony with the existing zoning of the neighborhood. The 14 Council expressed concern that the proposed level of density would creep to other parts of the single 15 family neighborhood, which would impact neighborhood character. The Council encouraged Mr. 16 Fretham to reconsider single family homes at a lesser density than the concept plan.