Enclave of Wayzata

Nestled within an existing neighborhood, the Enclave was created to be a neighborhood within a neighborhood, giving residents a sense of place. Steps from downtown Wayzata, the Enclave will be in proximity to services, restaurants, trails and the lake, all within walking distance.  Lot and build packages start in the $800’s.

Enclave of Wayzata

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Here is an excerpt from the Enclave of Wayzata’s approval at the City Council meeting: Mr. Gadow presented an application from Crossdale Development LLC for a concurrent preliminary and final plat subdivision and Concept/General Plan Planned Unit Development for a six-lot subdivision at 165 Central Avenue North, 213 Central Avenue North, and 1015 Cross Street. If approved, six single-family residences would be built that meet the requirements of the R-3A Zoning District. The applicant was proposing private access from Byrondale Avenue North CC120214-4 that would tenninate with a cul-de-sac within the property. Mr. Gadow presented the possible residential design concepts.

The Council expressed concern over the 20-foot roadway versus the normal 26-foot roadway. Mr. Gadow replied that the Fire Marshal had reviewed the plans and was comfortable with the 20-foot roadway. The Council asked questions concerning the fencing and landscaping and whether it was outside of the 15 feet the City requires. Mr. Gadow answered it would be a 6-foot tall board-on-board fence with vegetation to soften the sight lines. The Council asked about the property line dispute with a property owner north of the property. Mr. Gadow invited Jennifer Haskamp, Swanson Haskamp Consulting, to the podium. Ms. Haskamp answered that the property line had been verified by Hennepin County and contact had been made with the property owner. She added that a garden would need to be moved. Pat Broyles, 212 Benton Avenue, stated that she was against the project and expressed concern that there were too many homes for the amount of land. Mayor Willcox invited residents who had completed a comment card to provide input; however, each declined to comment about the project called the Enclave of Wayzata.

The Council discussed the Enclave of Wayzata project further noting that the main argument had been whether or not the road should cut through and decided that the road configuration worked in this situation. Mr. Tanner expressed concern for emergency vehicles accessing the neighborhood and that there were too many homes for the size of the property. The Council asked questions concerning the trail, who would maintain it, and park dedication fees. Mr. Gadow responded that the trail was on private property with an easement and would be maintained by the City. The property would have a park dedication in lieu of fees. The Council asked about the possible home designs that had been presented and if the developers planned on mixing up the designs.

Ms. Haskamp replied that the houses would have cohesive elements, but each home within the Enclave of Wayzata would be different. The Council requested that the landscaping plans (which were to be approved by staff) be approved by staff in consultation with the surrounding neighbors. Mr. Gadow shared that the Planning Commission requested to add a statement to Section 3.2.B.1l indicating: “Hennepin County Public Works has reviewed the plat that is part of the application and has provided the City with a letter dated November 12,2014, that states that the County believes that the proposed plat for the Planned Unit Development adequately addresses the County’s original concerns related to access and trail opportunities.” Mr. Gadow also stated that “Lot 5 and” should be inserted in front of “Lot 6” in Section 4.1.G.

Mr. Schelzel noted that “and” in the second line of Section 4.1.E. should be changed to “or if a different idea is proposed.” Mrs. Anderson made a motion, seconded by Mr. Amdal, to Adopt Resolution No. 38-2014, approving an Application for Concurrent Preliminary and Final Plat Subdivision, Concept/General Plan Planned Unit Development and Rezoning at 165 and 213 Central Avenue North and 1015 Cross Street, as modified above. The motion carried 3/1 (Tanner). Mrs. Anderson made a motion, seconded by Mr. Amdal, to Approve the First Reading of a Draft Ordinance Amending the Official Zoning Map of the City to Rezone 165 and 213 Central Avenue North and 1015 Cross Street from R-3A Single and Two Family Residential to PUD Planned Unit Development District. The motion supporting the Enclave of Wayzata carried 4/0.