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Plat map of Wayzata by AS Dimond showing Harrington Farms.
Plat map of Wayzata by AS Dimond showing Harrington Farms.

John Stevens Harrington, according the Minnesota Historical Society, was active in a number of issues including–immigration, agriculture, government, trade, religion, journalism and education. His biggest and most persistent interest was in the encouragement of settlement, giving away lots to hotels, churches, and stores to encourage settlement in Minneapolis. Harrington also sent over 800 letters to friends and acquaintances encouraging them to move from the east and settle in Minnesota. He was also the first person to build a house on the west side of the Mississippi River on the site of Minneapolis while it was still in Dakota hands as an Indian Reservation.

Harrington and his cousin Col. John Harrington Stevens arrived in Wayzata in about 1855 to file a claim on a property they would call Harrington Farms. The property included both Ferndale and North Beach.  At the southern tip of Ferndale, Harrington Build a hotel he dubbed the Harrington House which eventually would be claimed by fire.  Harrington also made the first road in the area, called Harrington Road, which is now known as Ferndale Road.

Historic plat map of the Harrington Neighborhood in Wayzata circa 1914.

Among Harrington’s other interests besides settlement, publication and promotion via writing and publishing, he had interests in the Ginseng trade which was collected in the Big Woods, shipped to St. Paul, and exported to China.

Settlers in the area after Harrington can be seen in this 1914 map which notes the area was also called Point Lookout.  Charles Pillsbury, Geo W. Porter, Alonzo T Rand, James S. Bell, Charles and Florence Bovey, Hirma A. Lyon, and Jennie P. Hallowell all owned property in what modern day people would describe as Harrington Road during this period of time.

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