Relocation to Wayzata, MN / Lake Minnetonka

If you and your organization are contemplating a relocation to Wayzata, Plymouth, Minnetonka, Lake Minnetonka areas, trust Dan and Elisha Gustafson to handle your relocation needs via their practical experience and the resources available from Coldwell Banker Burnet in Wayzata.

Wayzata / Lake Minnetonka Relocation

The following is an email exchange back and forth between a prospective relocation client and the Gustafsons:


Our company, is opening a new office in the Plymouth area and I’ve been asked to help establish some relationships with vendors in the area. I did a search for residential real estate agents and found Wayzata Real Estate LLC on Google. We will have somewhere between 12 – 20 employees relocating to the new office and are preparing a comprehensive relocation package for each staff member in an effort to ease their burden.

Our Travel & HR departments will coordinate with the selected agent for all of the onsite house-hunting trips in the months leading up to the move. We’d like to recommend 1 knowledgeable agent / broker in the area.

Are you interested, or do you know of a trusted agent we can work with?

The interested agent should reply back to me with the following:

  • How long have you been serving the Plymouth and surround areas?
  • Why should we select you over the competition?
  • Have you done corporate relocation in the past?
  • What resources, informational packets, etc would you be able to supply to each employee?
  • You do not need to provide it now, but if asked, would you be able to provide our decision maker with a sample of #5 as part of their decision making process?
  • What service hours would you or your staff be available to facilitate house hunting tours?:
    • a. What days per week:
    • b. What hours per day:
  • What activities can we do to make this process a less stressful one for our employees?
  • What is the contact information for the person we should coordinate with?
    • Name:
    • Title:
    • Address:
    • Phone
    • Email address

Our team is in the final phase of acquiring our building. Once we know it’s availability, we will build out our move plan accordingly. I’ve been told that we’d need to start the house hunting trips within 60 days.

Just being transparent, this is not something I do on a regular basis (or ever) and I’m going WAY outside my comfort zone. My boss has asked for some help to collect a few real estate agents for consideration and to summarize this information as he’s swamped with all of the planning details for the new office. I’m not the decision maker, I’m just the helper that’s trying to collect the information for him to review. If you have other information that I haven’t asked for, please feel free to send it to me as I’m way out of my league here.

Many thanks!

P.S. If you have any personal recommendations, I’m also needing to find some good vendors for our office. I’m looking for: carpet cleaning, coffee and snacks suppliers, handyman, and party equipment rental supply (we like our parties). Thanks a bunch!

Relocate to Wayzata, MN

Here is our response:


Thank you for reaching out–absolutely interested in working with you and your team and thrilled for the opportunity to compete for your business. Looked at your webpage and it looks like you are SEO specialists?  Love it. I’m a huge fan of SEO and an investor in Domains to boot.  I’ll be happy to answer your individual questions in a formal response in the near future, but wanted to acknowledge your request and give a little background information.

My wife Elisha and I are both agents and have been active in real estate in the western Suburbs of Minneapolis for almost 20 years.  We know the area very well, and are able to provide unparalleled service and expertise both from our personal knowledge and experience as well as by being a part of the Coldwell Banker Burnet team.

That CBBurnet team includes over 250 agents in the Wayzata office. Vice President & Broker Dan Johnson is also available when necessary and is a fantastic resource providing insight on how to handle issues as they arise has a wealth of expertise. Additionally, CBBurnet also has a Sales Manager and fantastic support staff. I’ll be happy to be your point of contact for arranging all the details as necessary.

Coldwell Banker Burnet also offers The Previews Distinctive Homes Division for upper bracket buyers and sellers, and a dedicated Relocation Division that provides exactly the kind of service you are requesting to complement mine and Elisha’s local presence on the ground.  Coldwell Banker Burnet also offers one stop shopping including PHH Mortgage, Burnet Title, insurance, moving services, home repair service referrals, etc.

Burnet is dominant in market share in the Western Suburbs of Minneapolis–a testament to our network of highly skilled and dedicated professionals.  My wife Elisha and I are proud to be associated with the Coldwell Banker Burnet name as it is synonymous with excellence in real estate in the mind of the consumer in this area.  We would be thrilled to have a conversation with you and the relevant decision maker(s) to explore further some of the questions you have asked and just gather more background on the future plans.

Wayzata is a relatively small community of 4,000 residents.  Adjacent Plymouth and Minnetonka are much larger at over 50,000 population.  Minneapolis is about 400,000 and growing for the first time in decades.  Four of the best school districts in the state serve this area including: Minnetonka, Wayzata, Orono, and Westonka. Private school options are available as well.  We’ll be happy to provide community information as part of our response–although it may be prudent to gather some info from your relocation employees in order to help guide us in the info to be presented.

In the meantime, may I suggest a couple of websites for you and or your team to review as they contemplate relocation to this area: – Comprehensive search in Minnesota–a fantastic resource. – my community blog dedicated to covering news and info occurring within the greater Wayzata area including the Wayzata School District that stretches from Wayzata to Maple Grove to Medina and includes Plymouth. – niche site dedicated to Wayzata and Wayzata School District (Plymouth, Medina, Maple Grove, etc.) – two of the most sought after criteria in this area.  There are tabs for single family homes, townhomes, condos, etc on the main navigation.  As an example, my page for Single Family homes in the Wayzata School District ranks first in Google. – niche site dedicated to homes on Lake Minnetonka both on and off the water including the 14 communities that border the lake.  Single family homes without water access start at about $200k and go up from there based on location, size, condition, materials, etc.  Access to the water starts with condos that have dock rights in Mound for about $100,000 (many listed with Coldwell) and goes all the way to the upper bracket estates–the Pillsbury mansion at $24,000,000 (most expensive home in the State) was listed with Coldwell Banker Burnet as well.

Just for fun here is a GoPro video of a friend of mine and I riding some world class 32 foot racing sailboats at a very exclusive and recent event on the lake.  It’s one small example of the much larger lifestyle that is available to people who choose to live and work in this area versus other parts of Minnesota–

[dsyoutube v=”SBX50BN36Zc” h=”315″ w=”420″]

On your referral requests:

Beverage: provides coffee, cooled water machines, etc.  Very popular at offices in the metro.

Party rentals:

Highway 55 Rentals (763) 478-6448
Ultimate Events (763) 559-8368

Handymen – have many depending on task required. Can you be more specific?

Carpet cleaning – Residential I have used Groupon.  The office has a cleaning service for commercial cleaning I can find out the details.


Also–I thought you did a great job making the request even as you admit you are out of your comfort zone.  My purpose in working with you and your crew will be simply to make you, your decision maker(s), and your employees comfortable in making these important decisions in really what amounts to the largest purchase most people ever make.  It’s what Elisha and I and our team do every day here at Coldwell Banker Burnet.

Brenda, call or text me personally on my mobile (952) 473-1000 if you have comments, questions or concerns–or when you need to reach me.  Email also works great.  Also, can you please send your phone number so we can have a conversation to dig into some of your requests next week so I can provide a formal response in the future?

Looking forward to working with you,

Dan & Elisha