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Wayzata Bay is one of the most desired and admired locations on Lake Minnetonka.  Home to the mansions of Ferndale Road and Bushaway Road, as well as more modest homes near the Gray’s Bay Bridge it’s as good as the good life gets in Minnesota.  You’ll find captains of industry past and present with some of the most expansive views and amenities anywhere. Browse all Wayzata Bay Homes for sale. The entire area is home to a great number of Dakota Sioux Indian Mounds that overlooked the water prior to European settlement.

Wayzata Bay real estate comes in varying prices and locations, including Ferndale Road South and Ferndale Road West, Harrington Road, Lake Street in Downtown Wayzata, Shady Lane East, Western Avenue, Arlington Circle, Eastman Lane and Bushway Road within the City of Wayzata.

In Minnetonka, it includes homes located on Grays Bay Boulevard, McKenzie Point Road, and Stone Arch Road. In Woodland there is East Road, West Road, Inner Road, Center Road, and Front Street at the old Bible Camp, Breezy Point Road, Breezy Heights Road, Woolsey Lane, Maplewood Circle East, Marshland Road, Cedar Point Drive, Cedar Ridge Raod, and Spirit Know Road.

It’s an area steeped in history and charm and we would be happy to answer any questions you might have about it. Spirit Knob has an interesting history because there was a revered and celbrated spot with the Dakota Indians, they felt that Spirit Knob was very holy, they felt it was the spot in Lake Minnetonka that contained all the power of the lake is derived. The Sioux used the spot as a ceremonial ground, there was a bluff that stood over 60 feet tall. One of the unique features was that it had a single tree coming out of the top of the bluff. The Dakota referenced the area as little hill of the spirit.

Spirit Knob

Wayzata Bay Homes for Sale
Spirit Knob on Wayzata Bay in 1867. Image by B.F. Upton, in the Public Domain.

Spirit Knob came off a place on the Lake called Breezy Point, which is also adjacent to Cedar Point. Cedar Point is named for the cedar trees that grow on the end of the point. Breezy Point is where spirit knob is located, at the end of it. The Dakota had a lot of their celebrations there. There supposedly was a big stone at Spirit Knob that was painted different colors at various times including red, yellow, and brown.

Unfortunately, the stone disappeared and there are three stories that relate to the disappearance:

  1. The Dakota say the European settlers took the knob down and tore it apart to be mean
  2. The knob was warn away by the waves of the lake because the lake was getting busier and busier from more people and boats
  3. European settlers took the know down due to safety reasons.

Breezy Point and Cedar Point are both part of the City of Woodland, and within the City of Woodland is a neighborhood which is called Maplewood. Orginally the land was owned by Samuel and Susan Gale, they owned quite a bit of the acreage in the area.

The name Maplewood first starting appearing on maps in about the 1870’s. The Gales built a cottage in 1876, and it started out as a summer cottage and eventually they turned it into a boarding house named the Maplewood Inn.

One of the most talked about buildings in the early history of Breezy Point was called the Breezy Point Club. There was a club built that was owned by 6 families, and they built the home as a community summer gathering place. There were 6 apartments, and each family got an apartment, and there was a communal kitchen and parlor, and laundry in a separate building out back. They used it during the summers, and the structure was destroyed by fire in 1904.

Wayzata Yacht Club races are part of the majesty of owning real estate on Wayzata Bay.
Wayzata Yacht Club races are part of the majesty of owning real estate on Wayzata Bay.

Thursday and Sunday are big sailing days in Wayzata, and the Wayzata Yacht Club typically has several races on these days. Many in the area are sailors and enjoy partaking in the events, it’s also majestic to view and watch the regattas the Club puts on which are prominent from just about any area on Wayzata Bay.