Wayzata MN Open Houses

Wayzata MN Open Houses

Looking for Open Houses in Wayzata MN? Dan Gustafson of Coldwell Banker Burnet has all the open houses updated automatically on this page for your viewing pleasure and ease. What should you check for when visiting open houses in Wayzata?

1. The neighborhood

Is the house located on a cut through street? My house is on East Circle Drive and it’s one of the busiest residential streets in Wayzata.  What about homes on Shady Lane?  Sure they have lakeshore, but the train whistle also blows right behind the Village Shoppes all day, and rumbles past the house all night night.  How about garbage bins, waste pumping stations, etc.  How walkable is it to downtown and does that fit your criteria?  You get the idea.  Check out the area as a whole.

2. The neighbors

We have been really lucky since moving to Wayzata.  Our neighbors have been really great, in fact they have turned into some of our very best friends.  However, we have all lived next to someone who we haven’t seen eye to eye with–and it can be downright discouraging.  Many years ago when I was tending bar at the local watering holes, I would arrive home at 3 or 4 in the morning on a Saturday or Sunday morning only to be greated by my accountant neighbor who mowed his lawn promptly as 7 am every Sunday.  It was tough for everyone because we had incompatible lifestyles.  Worse, bad neighbors make you not want to live in the home.  A worse case scenario can evolve into the neighbor from hell like White Bear Lake resident Lori Christensen. Check with the neighbors, ask them what they do, what they are like, and how they like the neighborhood. YGet a sense of the lay of the land prior to the purchase agreement.

3. Privacy

Each home offers a unique and different level of privacy, and each persons’ interpretation of how much privacy is necessary is also unique.  Stand in the driveway and count how many houses you can see.  Do the same at the front door. Repeat this exercise standing int he back yard or in the patio and deck areas.  Does the home provide an adequate level of privacy for yours and your families taste?  Can you add shrubbery, trees, and fencing to help add to the privacy?\

4. Exterior

An old Realtor friend of mine used to say that there were 5 major components to evaluate on the structure of a home, and that the roof was the number one feature when considering a home.  Check out the shingles on the outside, make sure they look like they are in good shape, not peeling, no mold, no curling, etc.  On the inside, check the ceilings for water leaks, check the attic for the same. For the siding, make sure it is a durable material and not cracked, rotting, or otherwise in bad shape.

5. Smells / stains / nastiness

Let your spidey senses guide you on smells, stains, and nastiness. If you walk into a home and can smell dampness, mildew, mold, or anything else like that let your nose guide you.  Leave the homes that need significant repairs and refurbishing to the wholesale investors who specialize in this kind of work.

6. Light and Air

Check the light and air in the home–is there enough for you to live with

7. Closet space

Measure the amount of space the home has versus your present needs.